Moving belts


A proven way to move big, heavy objects into a safer, easier and more efficient way.

ShoulderDolly® „Makes Lifting Easier“ for anyone who needs to move something big, large or heavy. It’s great for moving furniture and appliances. Homeowners, delivery teams and warehouse keepers can lift up to 400 Kg using ShoulderDolly®. ShoulderDolly® are ergonomically designed to support and facilitate the right lifting techniques.


• ShoulderDolly® use your legs and shoulders when lifting objects.
• The set contains everything that two people need to move.
• Patented 5 „buckle allows unlimited lifting adjustments
• ShoulderDolly® can be used by both men and women, regardless of height.
• It is the ideal tool for carrying appliances, sofas, king size mattresses and desks.
• ShoulderDolly® allows your hands and arms to be free to open the door, hold the object, or stabilize it.
• It is ergonomically designed so the movers stand upright as they go up or down the stairs.
• ShoulderDolly® helps prevent damage to walls, floors and doors that are common when using hand trucks.

• Recommended load capacity is up to 400 kg